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The storm on Musk hits the SEC and compares Trudeau to Hitler. Tesla boss side protests in Canada

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New York – Elon Musk has left no stone unturned. Tesla’s boss is attacking the SEC for running “beyond all limits” and creating “unsubstantiated investigations” into the visionary billionaire and his electric car company. He also took it upon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, compared to Hitler for the measures taken to combat the struggles of truck drivers who occupied the roads against Govt restrictions. The billionaire and Tesla’s lawyers are speaking out in a letter to the judge in charge of overseeing the 2018 deal between US Consort, Tesla and Musk, following the visionary billionaire’s tweet about possible “funds” to eliminate Tesla. Harassment and harassment by division.

American Consap He was accused of “dedicating evidence to endless and unsubstantiated investigations into Musk and Tesla”, but above all he was implicitly accused of wanting to silence the billionaire who is known as an “open critic of the government”. It comes from a serious accusation of resurrecting the debate on freedom of expression and a muskrat who boasts of millions of followers that he is a role model and idol. The extraordinary letter came as a new ‘Made in Canada’ storm erupted over Musk. Compare me to Trudeau: “Musk responded to a tweet about blocking Trudeau’s campaign fund, releasing a photo of Hitler.” I have a budget. The Anti-Defamation League criticized the Tesla boss as “inappropriate and insulting.” “Muskin’s tweet was deleted.

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