October 4, 2023

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The Secrets of Wind River: The sequel directed by Skogland

The Secrets of Wind River: The sequel directed by Skogland

The Secrets of Wind River will soon release a sequel: to be announced as production company Castle Rock Entertainment, with the film directed by director Kari Skogland.

Production company Castle Rock Entertainment has announced the sequel to the movie Jeremy Renner And the Elizabeth Olsen Secrets of the River of WindsDirected by Cary Skogland.

wind river solocine.it

the film Secrets of the River of Winds He will have a sequel very soon. To announce the sequel to the movie that sees the movie’s heroes as heroes Jeremy Renner And the Elizabeth Olsen It was the production house Castle Rock EntertainmentThe film must be directed by the director Carrie Scogland.

The sequel is directed by Taylor Sheridan will be titled Wind River: The Next Chapter We will see again Martin Sensmeyer in turn Chip Hanson. They wrote the script Patrick Massett And the John Zinmanwith the film to be produced for Castle Rock Entertainment And to get Acacia Entertainment movie From Matthew George And to get thunder road pictures From Erica Lee.

Wind River: The plot of the first movie

Movie Taylor Sheridan Centered on a veteran hunter and FBI agent investigating the murder of a woman inside a Native American reservation in Wyoming Notice exactly how wind river.

In the cast, in addition to Jeremy Renner and advertising Elizabeth OlsenShe was there, too John BerthalAnd the Graham GreenAnd the Kelsey Aspel And the Jill Birminghamwith the film being a huge hit not only with audiences but also with critics, grossing nearly $50 million at the box office against a budget of about $10 million.

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Wind River: The Sequel Story

wind river solocine.it
wind river solocine.it

next chapteras far as potential acting is concerned, he’ll probably be star-free Marvel Cinematic Universe Jeremy Renner And the Elizabeth Olsenwith the direction to be entrusted to the Director as mentioned Carrie Skoglandwho recently worked on the series The Hawk and the Winter Soldier.

The film will focus on the many murders that will always take place within the reserve that gives the film its title. The situation that will lead the FBI to seek help Hanson, who will remain involved in a struggle will witness the essence of everything he has always considered his homeland or protectorate. Finally, in terms of filming, it will almost certainly begin in about a couple of months or January 2023.