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The player finds a rare weapon, with a probability of 1 in 85 billion –

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Wonders of Tiny Tina, like Borderlands, is characterized by the presence of several weapons, which have different levels, rarities and modifiers. Recently, a player and broadcaster acquired one of the rarest weapons in the game with one The probability of getting one in 85 billion.

Moxsy, an old streamer in the Borderlands, has obtained the “Warlock’s Amalgam of Gloriuse Purpose” weapon. As you can also see in the video below, it’s about “Perfect” weapon, with rates related to damage and maximum value. In addition, there are mods that perfectly complement the abilities of the player character. This is a great stroke of luck.

Counted “one in 85 billion” Youtube ConstantCanadian. The explanation is quite long and complex and you can see it in the video below. Combining skills, splitting base points, and various other items makes the total chance of acquiring this weapon a measly 0.00000000117%, or 1/85,233,160,000.

“Moxsy amalgam is the rarest creature in Wonderland, but so is technically any other amalgam,” Constant Kennedy told Kotaku. “Think about this: There are 85 billion potential variants of Amalgam, and Moxsy got this by accident.” The point is, he’s got the most powerful striker and the last perfect one for his skills.

However, he noted that his formula does not technically take into account some of the unclear variants of the game. As a result, Moxsy estimates that the percentage of obtaining that specific amalgam could be closer to one in 26 billion.

“After all, it is very difficult to accurately calculate the probabilities,” he admitted. Even Gearbox, contacted on this issue, could not provide data on the possible acquisition of this weapon.

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