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“The perversity of cameos is what ruins comics today.”

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Jameas Gunn criticizes the appearance of films without narrative context, which, in his opinion, would ruin superhero films.

To pour Superman: LegacyA new cinematic film written and directed James Gunn Which will relaunch the new DCU, is taking over social media, but for fans expressing doubts about the surplus of characters announced so far, the director responds by attacking the real problem, which is Veil deviation Useless, according to him, They will ruin superhero movies.

In addition to the trio of Superman heroes: Legacy – Superman (David Corensoet), Lois Lane (Rachel Brosnahan) and Lex Luthor (Nicholas Hoult) – the presence in the film of Jimmy Olsen (Skylar Gisondo), Metamorpho (Anthony Carrigan). announced so far), Mr. Terrific (Eddie Gathegi), Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillon), Hawkgirl (Isabella Mercade) and others. Too many characters? Not to James Gunn, who explains in his recent Threads comment:

“I call it ‘comic perversity’ and it’s the worst element in modern comics. If there’s a character in the movie, there has to be a reason, they have to have a role in the story.”

Then select the manager: “I don’t have a problem with real cameos or easter eggs. What bothers me is when they change the story by inserting characters that have nothing to do with anything: they’re not there because the story demands it, but some other characters have a reason.”.

Superman: Legacy’s David Corensweet Is Henry Cavill’s Lookalike in New Photos: ‘I Thought It Was Him’

The first details about Superman: Legacy

From what we know so far, Superman: Legacy will focus on a younger version of Superman who balances his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. He is the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way. It’s kindness in a world that thinks kindness is outdated.

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James Gunn has made it clear several times by clarifying that the film will not be an origin story, but will offer a new look at the superhero behind the face of Daily Planet journalist Clark Kent.

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