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The Oymer brothers are decisive against a ‘naked’ opponent in the singles – OA Sport

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The first day Davis Cup Finals Madrid (Spain). Teams Canada and Sweden in the challenge valid for Group B.. In theory, the North American team should have imposed their own qualities, but Aces absent from Felix Agar-Aliasim and Denis Shapovalov They completely changed the picture.

The Ymer brothers are therefore the heroes of the match. Started dancing against Elias (# 171 ATP) Steven Ten (N.264 of the rankings). Laughing at Sweden 6-4 6-2, he demanded the most determined tennis, and was certified by a different position in the rankings.

In the challenge, No. 1 Michael (ranking n.93) had to face In the Vasek Pospis (Rank No. 133) and here again the completion was in two sets. Considering the Canadians’ abilities in the hardcore, there is not much of an obvious effect, but they are not found in this situation. Ymer’s high order is a discriminatory factor and only results in 6-4 6-4.

3-0 really turned into a double Corenson / Lindstadt win 7-6 (4) 6-4 over Bosphorus / Shnoor. The latter was not a game to say much as the result of the challenge had already been obtained, but was useful in the overall calculation regarding the number of sets won and the number of games won.

Photo: LaPresse

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