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The new TV series will be released on Wednesday

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Disney Plus It proved to be a winning move for Disney to say the least, propelled by their acclaimed popularity The original Marvel Studios TV serieswho continue to develop the ever-changing plots of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and those Lucasfilm related to the Star Wars saga.

Then every Friday the platform’s programming and catalog is enriched with new films, original and otherwise, which is probably the reason why the management chose Wednesday is the day of the release of new episodes of the TV series, both Marvel and Star Wars: And this dream duel, which will lead to a huge embarrassment of choice for viewers, will literally explode in the coming weeks.

This is because, though Obi Wan Kenobi officially started on Friday the last, Starting next week, the series will move with Ewan McGregor on Wednesday (Yes, the date of the third episode of the series will be shorter than usual and will be set for Wednesday, June 1, which will be translated on the following Wednesday, June 8 with Encounter with Mrs. Marvelthe new MCU shows that It will debut on Disney Plus on that very day. Basically, the first three episodes of Mrs. Marvel It will be released simultaneously with the last three episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobiwhich will end on June 22, thus leaving the field free for the Marvel series, which will instead end on July 13.

After a short break, this trend will also repeat itself in August: At Star Wars Celebration, in fact, Lucasfilm revealed that Andor’s new series The first two episodes will premiere on Disney+ on August 31not only on Wednesday but also on Wednesday that he will collide with She is a hacker of programmingWhich will start on August 17th. and since then Strong woman It will last for nine episodes in a while Andor It will last for 12 episodes, The two shows will overlap for seven weeks (The period can be shortened if She-Hulk debuts with a two-episode premiere: the comparison could be WandaVisionthe only other live MCU series from Disney+ to run over six episodes).

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It will be interesting to see How will this joint programming affect the series numbersbut then it will still be a very rich year for the masses: at the end of 2022, in fact, MCU will release four series this year (Moon Knight, Mrs. Marvel, She-Hulk and what if…? season 2; Five strings, if secret invasion Should arrive by the end of December) while Star Wars will present five (Boba Fett Book, Obi-Wan Kenobi And the Andorbut also the second seasons of Visions And the bad batch).

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