Home Tech The new Mercedes E-Class: the redesign includes a lot of technology: it’s a computer on four wheels

The new Mercedes E-Class: the redesign includes a lot of technology: it’s a computer on four wheels

The new Mercedes E-Class: the redesign includes a lot of technology: it’s a computer on four wheels
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The great upheaval that the automotive world is going through from an environmental point of view, experiencing it in reality as it really is, is changing the projects of every home, as it is in the case of Mercedes.

Environmental sustainability and the grand goal of achieving zero emissions has become a priority concept and can no longer be postponed in projects. Multinational corporations like Mercedes.

Like her, all giants are moving towards the development of 100% electric cars and, accordingly, in zero emissions, Just talk protection from the planet.

There are, of course, reasons of a legal and regulatory nature, given that the rules are imposed by one, but also one economic, Where this seems to be market affiliate future.

While electrification is still, in some ways, faltering, there are some companies that seem to have a genuine desire to invest quickly like Mercedesstrictly.

The E-Class: Mercedes’ electric future

perfectly models electricity, who were called in those parts equalizer, The new production approach changes but not only in terms of design and marketing multinational.


Clear evidence of this is The new E-Class which was the subject of a presentation focusing precisely on the concept of future innovation, linking man and machine with a new concept of “tomorrow”.

theNew E-class Not only does it treat the electricity market in a negative way, providing a basis structural starting point, but it does the same thing on a level Programming, Focusing on advanced technologies with an aim always sustainability.

The example is the mechanism from infotainment MBux, The powerful mainframe computer he operates interacts with an electrified system in an effort to improve all kinds of… performance.

Performance and sustainability: technology is not missing

Specifically this process electrification My system allows Class E to rebalance relationship Between ai, and artificial intelligence, and the human contribution: in a relationship that becomes more effective but more subtle, personal and human.

Mercedes- (motorzoom)

Certainly, the intrinsic qualities of the Mercedes R-Class itself clearly take care of the rest, which combine electric nature with a convertible feature combustion And so on electrical In a fully functional hybrid nature.

The large battery power has increased by from fifteen to seventeen kilowatts, He is another pioneer from this point of view. But what are the other aspects to consider?

The mild European petrol E-class reaches 204 horses diesel one a 197, Then of course there are the plugin variants, and premium download features.


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