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The new Hyundai Bayon 2022-2023 compact SUV is a pleasant surprise in many ways

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Hyundai baion It is also inspired by the famous Basque city for its name and has some points in common with the Hyundai Kona. Both are compact SUVs, which are also strategic for city driving. Let’s find out better:

What’s surprising about the Hyundai Bayon 2022-2023 SUV

Although the model is very far from the Kona, the two models are very similar in size. but, Hyundai Bion 2022-2023 It is slightly shorter and less wide than the Kona, being 2.5 cm shorter in these two features with a total length of 4.18 m.

It’s also 7.5cm low but still offers a spacious interior and a flatter torso. An additional 50 liters is available, which is a volume of 411 liters that offers a two-level adjustable floor and a solid rear shelf that can slide over the seat back. battery 48v mini hybrid system It is located under the boot floor and leaves some space to increase the load a little more.

In the Bayonne catalog there are only two engines, gasoline. 84 HP 1.2 naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with five-speed manual gearbox, Intended for entry-level finishing only. And a three-cylinder 100 hp 1.0 turbo with mild hybridization at 48 volts, based on the 120 hp version of the Kona, it loses power but improves performance a bit thanks to the car’s lighter weight. The city car platform brings it closer to urban use.

This is preferred by the possibility of selecting the automatic transmission with double clutch and seven reports, which is kona Offered only with a diesel engine or a hybrid version. Bayon’s neutral and reassuring structure, combined with its low profile, allows you to leave the cities and enjoy the secondary network with ease. Its low driving position allows you to forget you’re in an SUV while rising a bit above the road.

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Hyundai Bayon 2022-2023: reviews of compact SUVs

Hyundai baion It stands out for its trigonometric elements Arrow-shaped accentuates the design, featuring in the front a large grille and headlights in three elements linked to the air intakes. Like the narrow daytime running lights at the front, the boom-shaped LED taillights are set to the rear and the thin horizontal line emphasizes the Bayon’s width.

It stands out on the road, especially with its 17-inch alloy wheels that allow it to show a ground clearance of up to 18.3 cm, which is more than most B-Class vehicles.

on board, good sound insulation Despite the distinctive 3-cylinder sound. Aerodynamic noise can be heard starting at 110 km / h. Driver and passengers benefit from ambient LED lighting in the front footwell, side door compartments, openings in the front door handles and the stowage compartment in the center console. The rear seats can comfortably accommodate tall adults.

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