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The new Garmin Panda Fiat, born for those who love freedom

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The new Fiat Panda is shown for the first time, the home of Turin in addition to the car has a gift for future car buyers.

New FIAT Panda Garmin – Motori.News

New has been introduced Fiat Panda who is subject a New restyling Especially in aesthetics. the new the cars from Turin’s house Try to give yourself one Spirit of Adventureand opens to cooperate with a watch house. Opening up to give prestige to the design And you’ll even receive a file Watch as a giftwith purchasethe cars. Let’s take a closer look at new pandawhich is now completely different from first edition subordinate 1980.

The new Fiat Panda Garmin

there new panda Show us with varnish green forestwith colorful details on orange. L ‘the cars mounts as standard 15 inch rimsAnd LED daytime running lightsAnd fog lightsAnd if you want you can download double pull hookwhich is located in the part in front of the car. as we seethe cars It’s similar to you Previous versions From the outside, ride the writing Garminthis is the brand of watches and navigation systems that opened one of them cooperation.

The engine from new panda is the usual Three-cylinder Mi-Hybrid 1.0 Strongly 70 horses. L ‘internal for the car becomes more exciting than in the past, the black It’s the master, but with the details here too orange that give style. there Fiat Standard will give automatic climate controlAnd rear headrestthe real novelty lies in Technique. cooperate with Garmin led to a 7 inch touch screenwhich presents a file radioAll the Aids and controls on the steering wheeland the Compatibility With Apple CarPlay And Android Auto.

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Indoor new panda
The interior of the new Garmin panda –

Fiat with purchase new panda will give you in free giftOne Garmin Venue Square. The watch has many functions, from the basic function of telling the time to Heart rate measurement. The smart watch he have 1.3 inch touch screenand the GPS as well pressure level calculation Who wears it, as well as measure Night rest quality. there drums lasts until 6 dayswhile with active gps come to 14 hours.

new panda price

panda back
Garmin new panda butt picture –

there Turin’s house . said new panda It will not only have color green forest, but you can also buy it in other colors. These colors are white ice creamAnd gray master And black cinemaThe colors, however, which then reflectOrange in the details. The selling price from the car 18,230 EUR, a different price than the previous one, but here we are talking about the best it can offer. a styling more cured It’s more Athlete to pandawho wants to continue to bemain carIn the national market.

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