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The new Fiat 600, potential successor to the 500X – Mundo Auto

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the extent of the Fiat It is set to grow in the coming years and modify its structure. The Italian brand has in fact confirmed the arrival of 10 new models in the next five years, also renewing some of the cars currently on offer of the Stellantis brand. Among those there are also Fiat 500X, one of the most successful models of the Turin automaker which is set to change its appearance in the coming years: in fact, a new generation of this car will arrive in 2025 which will most likely change its name and increase in size. One of the options on the table is the return of the Fiat 600.

The historic model of the Italian brand will return in shapes similar to those of the 500X, ensuring the continuity and success that this car has achieved so far. However, even with a similar bodywork, the 600 of the future will have increased dimensions, from the current 4.26m of the model on Fiat price lists to 4.4-4.5 m In length, it effectively enters the C-segment. An option that could definitively retire the Tipo that has been identified on several occasions as a consumable model to pursue the growth and restructuring of the range. The new Fiat 600 is likely to be born STLA mini platform, A structure that allows for both electrified and heat-absorbing motors. The model is due to arrive in 2025, so there’s still room for petrol or diesel variants, possibly combined with 48-volt mild hybrid technology or with a plug-in hybrid architecture. Obviously, an all-electric version will be included, also in light of the total transition to all-electric that the brand expects for 2030.

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Staying in the hypothetical realm, if we start from the list price of the current battery-powered 500, we can assume that the successor to the 500X may have Prices starting from 27 thousand euros For the hybrid versions, while for the electric versions, they can start at a minimum cost of 10,000 euros higher than that of the Cinquino, with a range that can fluctuate from 38,000 to 40,000 euros.

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