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The Moon Resort in Dubai will make you “travel” into space

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Moon and resort: these are words that can conjure up the image of a type of luxury accommodation that necessarily requires a trip into space, in a spacecraft, and that will not be built for decades or centuries. But it’s something completely different: it’s a new offering from the Canadian company Moon World Resorts Inc. Who would have imagined something closer and more usable: it would be enough to travel to Dubai, and certainly not have to wait decades to visit it. The project is called “MOON”, and it is a 224-meter-high mixed-use building in the shape of the moon, the only natural satellite of the Earth. Designed as an ultra-realistic version of Disney’s Epcot universe, developers are in talks to bring MOON to four locations around the world, the first of which is expected to be Dubai. Although official projects are yet to be completed, the company’s founders are optimistic: “From an architectural, engineering and design point of view, MOON can actually be accomplished,” he explains. to me Michael R. Henderson, co-founder of MOON.

Inside, guests will find a destination resort With full services, plus around 300 private residences available for purchase. Projects are posted on Social media Also display sketches of a nightclub, event center, spa, retail space, and floor hall, among other services. However, the main attraction is not a hotel room or a dance floor, but a simulation of the lunar surface that allows guests to experience the sensation of space exploration: “MOON will offer the experience of accessible space tourism and all that is authentic to the millions of enthusiasts around the planet who have been patiently waiting,” he says. Henderson. The company even hopes to turn the moon into a real training center for various space agencies.

Moon Nightclub Project

MOON . Shopping Spaces

Practically speaking, the structure consists of two distinct sections: a spherical base consisting of three “stacked” discs, and the lunar sphere. On the base, guests will find amenities such as a spa, conference center and hotel lobby. All suites, 4,000 in total, are in the domain. While none of them will have traditional openings to the outside, the developers envision virtual electronic “windows”, which will give guests the ability to look into any landscape they desire.

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