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The mayors party is asking for more space than Lita

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The The Democratic Party is in a positive phase. It is increasing at the polls, also due to the success of management teams in major capitals. But it is precisely from the cities that a voice rises that demands to be heard more.

Democratic mayors, with whom the word “mayors’ party” has long been associated, cultivate more than an everyday affair in highly animated conversation. They exchange selfies and comments on the city’s initiatives and the flow was so intense that some started silencing it for a few hours.

The instrument, however, is a useful thermometer for measuring the climate among those who consider themselves the “backbone of the party”, those who have held out in the lands even in a period of greatest national difficulty and who are today the new face of the Democratic Party, after the return of the municipalities not only in the centers the big one.

They, who have found themselves in close contact with citizens in the difficult months of lockdown and pandemic management, know today that they are also the best at an electoral level. This is no small fact, at times when there is also a debate – albeit with so many variables still impossible – to vote early.

The most active are the mayors of Central Italy, who remain closely connected to the party structure and respect the role of the secretary. Also for this reason, in the chat, the tones are very respectful towards Enrico Letta.

“Enrico is listening to us, but he will take a step forward”, or “Enrico has to force himself more”, are the maximum that is recorded. However, the subtext is clear: the will is to weigh the internal dynamics and to be taken into account further, taking part in the foreground. Also – at the request of the President of ANCI, Antonio Decaro – he was referred to by the Regional Councils as the electors for participation in the election of the next President of the Republic.

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“Mayors” package


The presence of a movement in the less Roman-centric part of the party is also known to the Nazarene. It is no coincidence that Democratic lawmakers are working hard to respond to at least some of the mayors’ requests.

In the Budget Code, an increase in the salaries of mayors, mayors of municipal councils and members of councils for state expenditures is already expected by about 200 million euros.

In commission GiOn the other hand, a bill signed by the PD (there are two others, Lega and M5s, very similar) has been introduced in the Senate to broadly amend the criminal and administrative responsibility of mayors, in order to remove this – called “fear of signature”.

It touches both the Abuse of Position Act, eliminating objective liability for managers who today find themselves responsible even for facts beyond their direct control. Tax liability is also limited to the single instance of willful misconduct. All steps should favor applications and overcome the difficulty of the past period in finding qualified candidates in municipalities, large and small.

The steps are appreciated, but they are not enough. What’s missing, in fact, is still the perhaps most crucial piece for many mayors that returns periodically in the chat: repeal the rule that only first citizens resign at least six months before an election, if they want to contest a seat in Parliament.

Already in September, the coordinator of DWP mayors, Matteo Ricci, defined the matter as “discriminatory” against those who are called to make a prior choice compared to all other politicians, who, on the contrary, can resign from office only after they have been elected. In addition, early resignations always lead to the commune commission.

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Instead, with the number of members of Parliament cut short and after a complex legislature like this one, which will expire no later than 2023, many mayors have been considering running for a seat in Parliament. There is a jump that can also be justified by the fact that with fewer places available, a strong pool of votes will be needed to be elected, which local officials today know they can get.

Of course everything will depend on the lists and decisions of the secretary, but in the meantime, abolishing the rule limiting mayor nominations is a necessary guarantee.

Which, however, parliamentarians would not like. Meanwhile, on November 24, mayors will meet Secretary Letta at an open meeting in Rome. They will ask, “in a constructive manner”, to be considered in the front rows in support of the party.

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