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The “Made in Italy” pickup that drives everyone crazy: it costs like a small car | The waiting time is over

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We are not specialists in the production of this vehicle but there is always the first time: here is the Italian brand that could be the first to make the pickup segment livelier, the vision is for sure.

Since it started working in our country, shut up This home has taken over the market Very fast. We’re talking about a brand that glimpsed the potential of Chinese cars well before that fact was scanned across the continent.

It will be the first ever (

Brand vision DR Automobiles has paid and now, after years of waiting and great successes, the Italian brand is preparing to launch a product practically unprecedented in our country. Are you also curious to know what their first car of this type will be like? Let’s see it now.

Great insights!

Some brands are born great, others are They become over timeIt may go under the radar of customers for a long time until the competition begins to grapple with their significant presence in the market. In the case of the Italian car company DR, we can talk about the rapid and continuous rise in the market that has led to the brand being one of the most important low-cost companies in our country.

Brand highlight? Small cars and low-cost SUVs (

Founded in 2006 in Macchia di Isernia, the Italian house started Climbing to the top Proposing Italian copies of some cars in our country for the Chinese brand Chery loves Tiggo mainly SUVs and SUVs whose price can be contained by assembling cars in Italy but starting with Chinese vehicle design. The choice pays off.

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Undermining the big brands

What was considered only about twenty years ago right or wrong The B-class home of its European competitors is today an ever-growing reality that has also recently expanded its offer, proposing new SUVs such as the mighty DR 5.0 which, at a competitive price, has managed to convince many Italian customers to switch to the brand. But do you know what the brand was missing?

We tell you, a beautiful pickup to complete the range! It’s home He really didWe expect the green rat to appear to more well-known brands like Mitsubishi and Toyota by offering a low-cost version of their most classic work car. But let’s see what more the new DR product has to offer than its competitors.

Low cost, high expectations

Historically speaking, Italy He didn’t give much For the pickup segment: This niche market has always been the prerogative of American brands such as Ram, the timeless Ford, or even Japanese manufacturers. Only our Fiat with the 1999 Strada that replaced the open-top version of the Fiorino tried to question foreign dominance, and partially succeeded.

With such a low price, the DR Pk8 is a car reserved exclusively for less affluent customers (

However, these vehicles definitely have a steep price tag and it’s not like a customer in need of a work vehicle is willing to spend €100,000 or more on the latest Ram 1500 just because it has leather seats and a ram on the snout. The new vehicle of the Macchia di Isernia brand is a solid vehicle over five meters long and at an unbeatable price: welcome to Dr. Pk8 in our market.

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The official submission date hasn’t come out yet however Prototype of the Pk8 – a name that does not recall the Disney superhero but of course the name is in Italian – was presented some time ago at an exhibition of the Italian brand. The price is really unmatched: with 29.900 euros you should have the basic version for home. We expect to see it in top corporate parking lots soon.

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