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The longest night of the year connects myth and lore ~ ​​

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As it does every year, with the winter solstice, between December 21 and 22, winter will “officially” begin with its full snow, rain, and cold temperatures. The positive side is that the hours of light tend to increase directly from December 21st.

In Italy it is a phenomenon winter solstice This year it will start at 22.47 on Wednesday, December 21, when the longest night of the year will begin, and therefore the day with the least number of hours of light, as the sun illuminates the sky for only 9 hours and 7 minutes.

In the past this day was surrounded by “an aura of mystery And they were many among the ancient peoples legendsthe traditions Even the superstitions that accompanied it

Over the centuries, the winter solstice has also represented an occasion religious holidays: the Sol Invictus for the Gentilesor the Christian Christmasoi Saturnalia in ancient Rome (where gifts were exchanged and penalties and fines pardoned); Among the Celts it was celebrated YuleIndeed, the Festival of Light.

Also Stonehenge It was built specifically to celebrate this very special day: the stones line up so you can fully enjoy the suggestive sunset that marks not the end but the beginning and the release of light.

This is just to mention some of the many meanings that this day takes on in very different eras and cultures, but which see the movement of the sun as something important, that should be celebrated.

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