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The latest system update is blocking the settings of some TVs due to ALLM –

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According to reports from several users, the latest system update PS5 prevents you from changing Picture settings for some models TV, in particular those that support ALLM (Automatic Low Latency Mode), a function that aims to reduce input lag as much as possible. The issue is examined in the latest HDTVTest video that you find below, where we also talk about some possible partial solutions.

As shown in the video, with update 22.01-05 released last month, the PS5 now forces TVs to run ALLM if supported. As a result, when some models are active, certain picture settings are locked, all thanks to the reduced input lag, which in itself is not a bad thing. However, the problem is that unlike Xbox Series X | S, Sony has not yet integrated an option to prevent automatic activation of ALLM on PS5.

Thus, users in this sense seem to have no choice: once ALLM is activated, some settings are literally blocked and can not be changed Even if you’re not using the TV’s classic Game Mode preset (or Game Enhancer).

Let’s be clear, low input lag is usually a great feature for the player, but in some cases users may prefer to use different video processing options (which negatively affect input lag) in titles that might not be as action packed, like Life is Strange: True Colors Just to give an example, to improve the visual presentation of their board.

The solution to this is Disable ALLM directly from the TVWhich, however, is not possible with all boards and in some cases this also includes automatic VRR cancellation, a much appreciated feature that will be supported in the near future also by PS5. Or in the case of the LG C1 (and C2) models, this also means abandoning HDR and 120Hz. In short, we are only talking about a partial solution to the problem.

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The hope in this sense is that with one of the following system updates, Sony will offer an option on the PS5 to choose whether or not to activate ALLM directly from the console.

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