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Incredible Case of Commodity Rise Caused by Silly Memes

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Rising commodity prices are a real global alarm because they are unleashing a truly virulent inflationary frenzy.

The factors for these increases are multiple, and entire sectors suffer severely from these shortcomings. The economy as a whole has been hit because it is difficult for many companies to produce. Indeed, with the increase in upstream costs, the costs of the goods produced must also increase, but this is not always possible and therefore supply chains suffer. But in the course of this situation, we sometimes encounter strange and even slightly crazy events. There is a shortage of tungsten in America. However, it does not seem to be anything special because many raw materials currently indicate shortages, shortages and difficulties in supply.

crisis meme

But the situation here is completely different. An exotic fashion born in the world of irreplaceable symbols led to the creation of the meme on tungsten. Especially in very heavy but small tungsten cubes to keep on the desk. Don’t ask us what this means because it’s a totally empty archetypal fashion exploding on the internet in which everyone feels the need to participate. The truth is that tungsten cubes weighing about 20 kg that look nice to the touch, are pouring into the offices of all those who have become involved in this roundup of viral memes. The tragic result is that stocks of tungsten are now running out in the United States.

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This fashion has spread to post pictures of tungsten cubes, to make jokes about tungsten cubes, to show how beautiful they are, how pleasant it is to touch them, etc. Thus a shortage has now arisen by a ridiculous collective joke.

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After the Meme Inventory, we discovered that Memes can also cause increases in the price of raw materials. It’s the little and big fantasies of the virtual world.

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