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The Last of Us, the TV series that changes everything, turns the story upside down

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Watching your favorite video game brought back to the big screen in the form of a movie or TV show is Almost Always an exciting experience. However, Quest falls short when the cinematic action distorts several key elements of the game’s story, making it almost a work from scratch.

From changing characters to the plot, through to eliminating or adding some elements that are and are not in the video game, sometimes a big-screen diversion doesn’t quite live up to fan expectations. Could this also be the case with The Last of Us, the popular video game that has been talked about a lot in recent months?

A major change has been made to the TV series, what is it about? –

The popular video game TV series doesn’t seem to be mirroring exactly The plot we all know, actually. There will be a drastic change, in this case in the plot, that can completely change the story. What has been changed is a key element that gave birth to the series and without which there would be nothing infection.

In fact, they wouldn’t be a celebrity Germs To be the cause of the spread of infection that led to the apocalyptic scenario we all know. To give the story and explain the motive was direct executive producer of the series Craig Mazin. According to what he says, in fact, in teleportation this element would have created a lot of inconvenience and would have been particularly ineffective.

This is because, in the video game, because of germs, we see different scenes where the characters are They were forced to use gas masks to avoid injury. In fact, germs hover in the air, but this element of the TV series will be eliminated. This turned out to be a significant change in the story, but the writers of the series found it inappropriate to have the actors wear such protection in all scenes.

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Germs are eliminated, and what will be the consequences?

The authors, however, They won’t be upset The series is enough to remove the primary factor that initiated the radical change of the world. In fact, Neil Druckmann has said The Last of Us with its TV series won’t follow in the footsteps of the mistakes made on Game of Thrones.

TLOU ellie news 20230108 video game
In the world of The Last of Us, it is essential not to breathe germs –

The series, according to Druckmann, will be Faithful as possible to the original plot of the video game. This means that changes will not be made, as they did in the other TV show, with the sole aim of eliciting a reaction from the viewers.

In fact, what is still being explained the reasons resulting in severe injury. Every detail will be clearly explained, from the beginning to people becoming mutants and how all the survivors were rescued by taking refuge in the fortified cities.

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