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The Last Days of Virginia Woolf’s Voices by Federico Malvaldi at the Spazio 18B Theatre

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Federico Malvaldi’s show “Voices of Virginia Woolf”, directed by Jacopo Pizzi and translated by Monica Bellardinelli, Sarah will be shown until Sunday 10 April 2022 at the Spazio Theater 18B – via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi 18/B, in the Garbatella region. Veronica Revolta.

“These are the aspects of society that are reflected in my anxiety. They feed it. They tore my soul to shreds. I don’t know how to stay still. Just watch what happens. Without protest. Fighting” (from Virginia Woolf’s voices)

“Life is not a series of symmetrically arranged lanterns; Life is a luminous aura, a semi-transparent envelope that surrounds us from the dawn of consciousness to the end” (Virginia Woolf, Journey to the lighthouse)

On the occasion of the one hundred and forty years since the birth of the great British writer, writer and activist (London, 1882 – Rodmill, 1941) – and the eighty years since her death, which took place in March 2021, that is, in times when theaters were still closed due to the health emergency associated with the Covi epidemic- 19 – Organized by the Compagnia dei Masnadieri Space Theater 18 B Federico Malvaldi text, Virginia Woolf’s voicesdirected by Jacopo Pizzi, which debuted nationally on March 31.

Three women find themselves in a room at the Goddrift Island Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf’s premier childhood vacation destination. Jane Austen plays a few tunes on an old piano, Mary Shelley is sitting by the fireplace and caressing the contents of a sadly mysterious coffin, while Virginia prepares the cards for a tressette. There are only three women who are forced to play with the dead. Virginia’s sharp tongue hits her friends’ vulnerabilities: Mary turns to alcohol, while Jane raises her romantic dreams as a shield. However, Virginia quickly got tired of that game and made a suggestion: raise the stakes by betting. On the other hand, Mary makes an unexpected proposal: to give birth to death. The game begins to become dangerous.

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«You cannot find rest when you are yourself, but only when you are core in the dark. By losing his personality, his cares, his impulsiveness, his impulses are lost”; “Our traits, the characteristics that define us are simply childish things. Underneath everything dark, everything expanding, there is an unfathomable depth. But from time to time we rise to the surface and this is what others know about us.” “Following his thoughts was like following a voice speaking so fast that he could not write down what he was saying; And this voice was his who said without needing suggestions of eternal and contradictory things undeniably; “When life withdrew for a moment, the set of experiences seemed limitless.”

Here, read these quotes carefully (all taken from Journey to the lighthouse Written by Virginia Woolf) It is possible to fully comprehend the essence of Federico Malvaldi’s presentation and text, its wealth of detail, nuance, accuracy and psychological reasoning, and its ability to create vivid, vibrant images. The same applies to the outstanding performance of the three artists – Veronica Revolta (Virginia Woolf), Monica Berlardinelli (Jane Austen) and Sarah Meuni (Mary Shelley), in which all three took part in a “skill competition”, which they objectively tried to establish. The winner will be a rather difficult task. As well as completely unnecessary, given the end result. The result that is achieved after the attention of the spectator is constantly focused on all three faces during the show (beautiful lights and gothic ambiance) not only at the third act, but also when doing two acts.or solo.

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what was and what is no longer; What could not be; What was and will not be again. A show that digs and strikes deep inside us. Where the monsters swim.

Virginia Woolf’s voices by Federico Malvaldi – direction: Jacobo Pizzi. co-director: Federico Malvaldi; Interpreters And the Personalities Veronica Revolta (Virginia Woolf), Monica Bellardinelli (Jane Austen), Sarah Meuni (Mary Shelley); organisation: Ferrante Cavazzotti; press office: Marisa Belmacci; Photo And the Graphics: Manuela Gusto; Produce: Compagnia dei Masnadieri – will remain on stage at the Spazio 18/B Theater until Sunday 10 April 2022 (Thursday 7 to Saturday 9 April 8.30pm; Sunday 10 April 6.00pm).

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