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The Lamborghini Eletra didn’t sleep for three nights: Here’s how to fix it

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The Lamborghini Eletra is not feeling well and has not slept for three nights. He takes action and appears on Instagram Treating Old Grandma

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Lamborghini Eletra She is the famous singer and showgirl, originally from Bologna, as well as the heiress of the famous luxury car company that bears her nickname. Famous in Italy and all over the world, also known as twerking queen.

In our beautiful country and in Europe, he also participated in famous reality shows, and thus became a well-known television personality. Today she is married to Afrojack, the Dutch DJ with whom she is having a dream wedding.

Very active on social networks, sharing many aspects of her daily life with her fans, today she admitted that she is not feeling well. In fact, he didn’t sleep well for three days due to bothersome constipation, as you can tell from his voice. Don’t worry, I showed all my followers an old grandmother’s remedy to get past this moment.

Lamborghini Eletra Three days that never sleep: the reason

The Elettra Lamborghini showed that it is not in great shape on social networks. In fact, he was unable to sleep well for a few days due to an annoying cold. She said she has had a cold in the past few days, after being in places with air conditioning, which she suffers from, like many other people.

For this reason, after taking some medicine also to feel a little better, she decided to rely on her grandmother’s old remedies, which are valid almost always and on every occasion. She armed herself with a bowl of water, salt and a towel.

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Photo Lamborghini Eletra B side to scream on the beach

You got it right, Elettra Lamborghini has started making fumenti, also called wala, a practice that allows you to breathe better, as it clears up nasal and bronchial congestion. Who in his life has never done this? Especially in this period with the first looming cold it is very useful.

Lamborghini Eletra
Image source: Instagram

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