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Arzachena, the market is moving to make room for the Christmas Village

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As of today, the weekly market is on Wednesday corresponding to Arzachina Temporarily moved From Piazza Risorgimento to the adjacent streets of the Tanca di Lu Palu area. This decision, made formally by executive decree, is motivated by the fact that in this part of the historic center a Christmas village Shows and events that will be held throughout the festive period. The market is expected to return to its traditional location after the Epiphany Wednesday, January 18thunless there are other extensions.

The municipality «wants to revitalize the city, and the historical center in particular, before the past. In fact, that would be the big news of the year The opening of the Christmas Village from November 19 with the market of typical and amateur productswho will have the opportunity to display their creations in time for Christmas purchases ».

words from Claudia Giagoni, Tourism and Trade Consultant. Not only will the Tanca di Lu Palu be animated in this period with the weekly market, but a skating rink will also be set up in the park with musical events and street food; This is in the intention of the municipal administration to create an area dedicated to entertaining teenagers and reviving another corner of the city.

While the billboard “Da Natali a Li Tre Re”, the traditional Christmas program of Arzachena, is not yet known, it is known that «the Christmas tree for the opening of the calendar on December 8 and the lighting of the center and the villages have already been chosen», says Nicoletta Urcioni Recreation and Sports Delegate.

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