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The Hunger Games' Julianne Moore reveals why she joined the series

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Julianne Moore played the head of District 13 in the Hunger Games film saga and has revealed the sole reason she was drawn to the plot.

Universe hunger Games He brought attention back to himself by A Prequel movie Dedicated to the origins of President Snow. the hero of the story The Hunger Games: The Crust of the Nightingale and the Serpentthe guy snow Interpreted by Tom Blythe Reveal how the bright and promising Capitol student became the fearsome tyrant of Panem after many years. The prequel also boosted the franchise's popularity, which never completely faded. In fact, the public has been waiting for some time for the return of the miserable world born from a pen Susan Collins. Regarding the main film saga, also recently Julian Moore She remembered the reason that prompted her to join the project.

The Hunger Games' Julianne Moore reveals why she decided to join the dystopian world of Panem

In the main saga Julianne Moore plays the role President's coinled by District 13 Believed to be destroyed forever, instead he remains vigilant, alert, and ready to lead the revolution but with the help of Katniss Everdeen. Julianne Moore played her Mockingjay: Part One And Part 2, shows all sides of the complex and ambitious character, whose desire has always been to replace Coriolanus Snow. A goal achieved at the end of the saga, but paid a heavy price. In an interview with the peopletells Julianne Moore why she decided to take part in the dystopian world of The Hunger Games, the saga that helped launch her career Jennifer Lawrence. Regarding her interest, the Oscar-winning actress admitted that she became interested in novels by chance and after buying them as gifts for her children. Fascinated by the plot, she started reading it and once she appreciated the plot she knew she wanted to be part of the dystopian world of Panem on the big screen. Ironically, he admitted that the two Hunger Games films were probably the only ones that were interesting in the eyes of his children.

I'm only into The Hunger Games because my daughter was reading the books. I actually bought it for my son, who is older than my daughter, but she started reading it first. We were on vacation, and I had nothing to read, so I picked up my copy of this book and thought it was great. I was hoping there would be a part for me. This was probably the only meaningful experience in my children's eyes, it was amazing for them.

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