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The “healthiest” fast food hamburger from Parma PDO: this is how you kill Nutriscore Made in Italy

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A sandwich of chicken or fish fillets fried in industrial oils and accompanied by various sauces is considered “healthier” than a Parma steak. It happens in France, where NutriscoreThe labeling system devised by nutritionist Serge Herzberg, has now also reached fast food restaurants. In the menu of one of the most famous chains, the “green” traffic lights for white meat and fish sandwiches are wasted. At most there is some yellow, but only for those with red meat and cheese. However, nothing compares to the orange “D” printed on a packaging pork meat Raw vegetables for sale in the supermarket.

But how can a single premium product like Parma Dop, which the entire world envy, be any less healthy than a sandwich with steak prepacked indoors at the speed of light? The contradiction of the labeling system that some would like to extend to the European level is here. but that is not all. When touring the shelves of the same French stores, it turns out that evenExtra virgin olive oil They are labeled “orange”, as opposed to industrial hamburgers which are marked with a yellow “C”. The same goes for Parmesan cheese. Another paradox: the symbol of the Mediterranean diet, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols valuable to human health, is reduced compared to a food with an endless list of ingredients.

The problem with Nutriscore, in which the Italian government, along with a large group of countries, is in a battle at the European level in light of the adoption of the new EU regulation on food labeling, is that it takes into account the nutritional values ​​\u200b\u200bof 100 grams of the product. Moreover, the algorithm, for example, does not distinguish dangerous fats from healthy fats, such as olive oil, and thus ends up rewarding ultra-processed foods. “This is a misleading and discriminatory system, and paradoxically has the effect of excluding healthy and natural foods that have been on the tables for centuries from the diet, in favor of products whose recipe has not been recognized in some cases.”condemns the member of the European Parliament at the university, Silvia Sardoni.

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And the danger, according to the Northern League, who raised the issue of sandwiches with a “green light” and that the spread of Symbolic products for unbalanced dietary lifestyles.punish “Very healthy foods that are the cornerstone of Mediterranean dietFor the fifth year in a row, UNESCO’s cultural heritage is considered the best global diet by experts.. “We will continue to defend, with commitment and passion, our products which are a privilege to be protected”Added Sardoni, who has promised a fight in Parliament to prevent Nutriscore from reaching Italian supermarkets as well.

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