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The green destination of the “Biathlon Climate Challenge” – Fondo Italia

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The IBU announced Biathlon Climate ChallengePromoted by Viessmann, it has achieved its goal: they will be planted soon 50,000 new trees in Uganda, Finland and Canada. Overall involved effort 3,677 fans from 40 different countries8 more top biathlon names: Their physical activity was monitored by Viessmann’s “ViMove” app, which converted distance traveled or training time into … plants.

The latter, as noted, will be half planted by TIST and its farmer-managed projects in Uganda, and half by Wiseman in the company’s reforestation projects in Finland and Canada. A milestone has been reached 28 daysBiathlon covers the overall distance of fans 654,559 kilometersTotal 10,618 hours of physical activity.

The most important contribution came from the note published by the IBU The team is led by Czech biathlete Marketa Davydova“Donated” 11,790 trees and contributed to doing good to the planet. On the other hand, more active fans flocked to the team of Canadian Jules BurnotEach member of the group donated an average of 20 trees.

Olle Dahlin, IBU PresidentHe declared: “We have been amazed by the commitment and participation in the Biathlon Climate Challenge. We have seen it in less than a month. Thousands of fans all over the world Travel impressive distances and devote more time to this project, allowing for the planting of 50,000 new trees. On behalf of the IBU, I would like to thank and congratulate all those who participated And with our eight fantastic biathletes who led the challenge. Even after the Biathlon Climate Challenge is over, we encourage everyone to stay active and stay in touch with each other..

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He echoed him Ivo Hoevel, Viessmann Marketing Vice President: “Climate protection is a shared responsibility. Our staff are proud to join the International Biathlon Union in supporting the Biathlon Climate Challenge and all those who take part in it. As a fourth generation family business, we always think long term: Climate solutions are an essential part of our vision and strategy”.

With support from the Biathlon Climate Challenge, TIST will plant trees in certified reforestation projects in Uganda. Viessmann, for its part, bought its own forest in 2021 Now he takes on the responsibility of planting trees on his own 1700 hectares In Finland and Canada, ensure long-term sustainable management and prevent harmful emissions from the atmosphere.

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