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The GameStop Restock is finally back! Here are all the details

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Finally some good news! Something he had been expecting for a long time now! Play Station 5 is about to be back very soon from GameStop with a new restock!

Yes, the much-anticipated PS5 will be restocked in just over 24 hours. As reported on Instagram during GameStop TV episode tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23, 2022, How to buy will be revealed Play Station 5 Standard.

while broadcasting We will talk about the return of GTA 5 who was for a few days Also available in PS5 version with a special launch offer for only €10. With management as always LorenzoCubanFazio and VirginiakafkaniaGambatesa will be the episode guest star Paolo Guerra who will tell us more about this reimagined version.


Some of you have already had the opportunity to discover The popular Rockstar Games title has been reimagined to embrace the potential of next-generation consoles And get a truly enviable record of the game published on three different generations of consoles!

The live broadcast will begin at 16:00 tomorrow afternoon. The link to watch is here, where any packages available for purchase should appear. Unfortunately There are no details available on the contents of the packages and the quantities of consoles that will be provided to drop online, and those that will instead be routed to points of sale. As usual We will keep you updated in real time on our Telegram channel. If you can’t get it online, we advise you to do so Visit points of sale and ask for more information about reservations or waiting lists.

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So we just have to wish you good luck Update us tomorrow to go live and drop in Play Station 5!

source: Jim Stop

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