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The free game may have been discovered on December 25, 2022 –

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Today is Christmas (Merry Christmas!) But that doesn’t mean that Epic Games Store go on vacation. In order to wish us well, he is, in fact, ready to give us a gift Free game Even today, but what will it be? According to one hypothesis, it could be the December 25, 2022 address death strand.

Image used by the Epic Games Store for The match is on December 25, 2022 In fact, it shows a kind of chain with three panels at the end. Given the look, the fact that Death Stranding comes to mind isn’t strange at all.

Obviously it’s only one speculation For now, as you can also see posted by shiina, a well known Twitter account mostly associated with Fortnite.

At the moment we have no other evidence about it. However, Death Stranding would be a welcome boon for many who have so far been skeptical about the quality of the title. Because of its gameplay, this gift can let many players gently test the title.

In our review, we explained to you that “Death Stranding arrives on PC to the delight of even the most savvy gamer. Whether you’re a supporter of Kojima’s work or not, the least you should do is give the benefit of the doubt for a work that, like it or not, will leave its mark. We’ll talk about it again Over the next few years, both in terms of what it meant in a broad sense, and for the episodic effects of the exact historical moment of release A video game, flawed in many ways and not suitable for the general public, but uplifting through intriguing themes, narrative mechanics and simulations.We’ve said it several Times and we’ll never tire of repeating it, Death Stranding is the apotheosis of the authorial and production freedom of a Triple A project.

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