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The free FIFA contender appears in Ronaldo’s first gameplay video

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Come Promised by the development team a few weeks ago nowThe first series was broadcast live on the official UFL YouTube channel this evening play movie It is a football title that has attracted the attention of all fans due to a series of allegations and promises.

The video has finally allowed us to see the game in action and appreciate its potential above all from a graphical point of view, given that the technical sector of the UFL seems to be one of the main strengths of the production thanks to the help ofUnreal Engine. The team showed interest in reproducing movements and facial animations in long sessions Motion capturein order to offer the most realistic experience possible to the players.

The video talked about the concept of fair play, which should provide fair play on both sides and allow players to strengthen their clubs simply by staying competitive. Strikerz Company As confirmed by There will be no survey: This means that over time the stats or progression will not reset, not even at the start of the next tournament. Then came the confirmation of some of the teams that will be present in the match thanks to the official agreements, including Najd Monaco Football Club. A brief arc is dedicated to ambassadors or professional players who have agreed to lend their faces to advertise the game. Among these we find Cristiano RonaldoAnd ZinchenkoAnd lukakuAnd Firmino e De Bruyne.

At the moment, details about the potential launch window are unknown, and according to the development team, The game is in the final stages of development It should debut on all major platforms, so we expect it to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, without ruling out its arrival on the Nintendo Switch with a technically weak version. Lower performance hardware for the hybrid console. Moreover, for starters, the game will be distributed free of charge thanks to the model Free to play.

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Did you know this Lukaku is one of the official UFL Ambassadors?

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