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Elon Musk on Twitter is fighting with stars and advertisers for paid blue ticks –

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From Massimo Gaggi

The new owner of the popular social network is trying to increase its revenue: but users are angry (and advertising agencies, which so far account for 90% of them, are turning away)

Displacement of Operations Managers (in addition to Chiefs fired into the trunk on the day of the change of ownership); (temporary) exodus of advertisers (eg General Motors); Migration of users who do not want to stay in the social network ofrichest man in the world o Appeals his decision to charge fees ($8 per month in the US, but fees will vary from country to country) blue tickThe blue check that certifies the identity of the account holders.

Start the rocket but uphill from Elon Musk In his new role as the sole owner and director of Twitter, which is no longer listed on the stock exchange. The new men you brought along with six old men you trust are trying this Stop the attack of trolls Those who take advantage of the transitional phase and the revision of the moderation system to throw falsehood, slander and hate on the platform. A very serious problem these days on the eve of the US elections.

Just wait to understand how filters Who eliminates unacceptable messages from the platform now that he has positioned himself as the absolute freedom of expressionThe Ipgone of the largest advertising agencies in the world, has proposed to its clients Comment your Twitter ads. musk today It gets 90% of its revenue from advertising For social networks, courts and companies, but at the same time trying to increase other revenue, especially with subscriptions.

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After the first wave of show business figures such as Shonda Rhimescreator of TV series such as instinct anatomy or the singer Sarah Bareilles (3 million followers) Who left closing the door for ideological reasons, Musk is now struggling with the outbreak of other rebellions. And also with the protests of characters such as the basketball player
LeBron James
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The star of the American Radical Left, he has to deal with a rebellion of more or less famous users who do not want to pay a monthly subscription to certify their identity, believing that they owe, not owe, Twitter. Cases like those of the writer King Stephen (6.9 million followers) or Nate Silver polls (3.5 million): Believing Twitter should pay them for traffic from their product that fuels the social network’s ad revenue, they say if the company doesn’t think again, they’ll go away.

Mask is steadfast, and explains that he needs income other than advertising, but after that he treats them like spoiled and rich people, as we said yesterday, populist slogans. He’s clearly betting on the fact that those who’ve moved a significant portion of their public lives into their network are unlikely to pull the plug. Where then? Back on Facebook, in the whirlpool of a very serious crisis? Are you looking for new beaches at risk of losing the bulk of your followers in the transition period?

But the businessman is already thinking of something else. He promises that part of the new revenue will go to reward producers of content placed on his network and Washington Post publish text A project called Paywalled Video Which should become a reality in a few weeks: the ability for anyone to post paid videos. Those who want to see them will have to pay the 1, 2, or 5 dollars that Twitter will give to authors using the Stripe system, with a percentage withheld. Another step in the direction of Twitter (too) becoming Editing platform.

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