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The First Descendant is the first game to hit the market powered by Unreal Engine 5 –

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Nexon in recent days started to create a file closed beta From MMO looting shooter The first descendantsetting a small record: it’s the first toy he’s ever moved inUnreal Engine 5 to reach the market.

Below you can watch a video of more than half an hour, showing the game running in 4K / DLSS quality, running on a system with a flaming system installed GeForce RTX 4090It has an Intel Core i9 12900KF processor and 32GB of RAM.

Graphics settings are on ULTRA and DLSS 2 was used. Note that the game runs at over 100 frames per second.

If you want more information about the game, read our experience from The First Descendant, in which we wrote:

The first descendant seems to be the classic shooter shooter Online, only more technologically advanced than average, thanks to Unreal Engine 5. For the rest, it seems to offer powerful mechanics in terms of the combat system, but also an impressive repetition of missions, which follow each other similarly to each other. In short, it is the classic game that focuses on collecting loot and strengthening your characters. Whether it is successful or not, a lot will depend on the amount of content available at launch and the monetization system. We’ll know how to say it again.

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