Home entertainment The Final Cut version (4K+Blu-Ray) is on sale on Amazon for the Spring Festival

The Final Cut version (4K+Blu-Ray) is on sale on Amazon for the Spring Festival

The Final Cut version (4K+Blu-Ray) is on sale on Amazon for the Spring Festival

On Amazon, for the Spring 2024 Festival, it is possible to redeem Blade Runner in The Final Cut Edition (4K Ultra-HD+Blu-Ray), at a discounted price.

Blade Runner: Final Cut Edition (4K+Blu-Ray) is on sale at Amazon for its Spring Festival screenings

If we were to find or even just point out a seminal feature film in the history of cinematic science fiction, we would not hesitate to point to and recommend Blade Runner. We are talking about a film that forever changed the way writing through images is understood in this sense, presenting a story that today is still considered one of the masterpieces that could never be achieved on the big screen, as well as a formal and symbolic experience and a cult narrative, elusive and timeless.

Specifically, for all these reasons, we decided to inform you that on Amazon, currently, it is possible to retrieve Blade Runner in its version The Final Cut (4K Ultra-HD+Blu-Ray), shown during the Spring Screenings Festival 2024. You can find it on the site , at the time we write this article, for 12.74 euros, with a 15% discount on the lowest recent price. If you're interested in redeeming, or even just getting additional information about the film article in question, all you have to do is go to the box below.

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On Amazon, in the Product Description section, Blade Runner The Final Cut (4K Ultra-HD+Blu-Ray) is presented as follows: “Enhancing the vision of the future with 4K ULTRA HD, the FINAL CUT version of the masterpiece has inspired many… Directors: Special features include an introduction by director Ridley Scott and commentary from 3 filmmakers.

If you're also passionate about Blade Runner and the narrative world it shaped cinema, don't miss out on picking it up on Amazon.

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We remind you that the Spring Deals Festival, which aims to celebrate the arrival and prosperity of the new season, takes place from Wednesday, March 20 until 11.59 pm on Monday, March 25, and includes many different types of products present on the site. Don't miss these offers on Amazon, along with other offers.


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