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The effect of heat stress in team sports

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Many collegiate majors feature a preparatory period in the summer months. Study explaining the risks and benefits


– Milan

After the article, how does heat affect athletic performance? Let’s talk about physical activity and heat with experts Mapei Sports Research Center. Many team sports feature a preparatory period that takes place in the summer months, in geographic regions with high temperatures, humidity and solar radiation.

“Exercises performed in hot environments can be repeated Facilitate physiological adaptations such as improving sweating efficiency o Reducing the cardiovascular load by inducing some modifications that are potentially beneficial for athletes who practice team sports. Conversely, it is also known that acute exposure to heat stress can reduce athletes’ working capacity and the quality of their training. In addition, excessive frequency of exposure to heat stress can lead to increased overloads that negatively affect athletes’ sense of well-being and performance,” he explains. Ermanno RambeniniChief Operating Officer of Mapei Sport and Head of the Human Performance Laboratory at Olgiate Olona Center (Varese).

The effect of heat stress in team sports: the study

Interesting 2020 study The effect of individual environmental stress variables on training and recovery At Professional Team Sport he was responsible for verifying the effect of variables that contribute to increased environmental heat stress (temperature, humidity, solar radiation) on the external load, the internal load and the quality of recovery within 48 hours following a training session supported by the team sports athletes that are characterized by repetitive phases of high intensity. “Colleagues who conducted this hypothesized that each of the variables that contribute to the increase in heat stress could contribute to a reduction in the external load and a concomitant increase in internal load, as well as a deterioration in the quality of recovery in hours after ‘training’,” continues Rampinini, who in his experience with Italian and international clubs in the top-flight leagues, he can confirm what this research has proven.

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Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for that Cold water immersion used as a strategy to improve recovery (both in special reservoirs filled with water and ice and in mountain streams) is widespread. It is especially appreciated by the players during the pre-season, which takes place in the summer.

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