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The discovery of two rocky planets around a red dwarf »Science News

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The two bodies are larger and at least twice the mass of the Earth.

A group of astronomers have discovered two rocky exoplanets orbiting around them red dwarf. The results of their research are published on, It was built using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). “This paper presents the discovery and characterization of a multi-planet system in orbit around the nearby M dwarf HD 260655. TESS transient observations discovered two candidate minor planets which were confirmed by independent radial velocity data from the HIRES High Resolution Echelle Instruments, and CARMENES from 1998 and 2016 respectively.The researchers, led by Raphael Luke of the University of Chicago, explained.

Space: discover two rocky planets around a red dwarf

Furthermore, the detected orbs are larger and at least Twice the Earth’s mass. The closest to the star is called the parent star HD 260655 b The second planet discovered outside the solar system is larger and more massive than its neighbor. HD 260655 EGP. Based on densities derived from the two new alien worlds, astronomers conclude that they both have one. rock formation. However, they note that while HD 260655 b has a density similar to that of Earth, the consistency of HD 260655 EGP It proposes an iron-free internal constitution and consists entirely of silicate. Scientists report that their discovery is paying off Red dwarf star HD 260655, located about 32.6 light-years away, is the fourth known transiting multiple planetary system closest to our planet. Meanwhile, both exoplanets are expected to be explored in the future by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

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