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The Devils also lose the Final 3 and the 2021-2022 Championship goes to Milan

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The championship and series finale between Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza and Milano Quanta in Race 3 ends with a 3-2 victory for Milan who beat the Scudetto and regained that title as well, after a successful season. It was a tough and balanced match, with many chances on both sides, with excellent performances by goalkeepers, Michel Frigo with the Devils and Mattia Mai for Milan, and with a lot of emotion.
The Devils could have achieved more in both the first and third race, but a few rings, a few too many mistakes and definitely a great team up front, led to this result.
The winners emphasized that they have quality, experience, a team from all points of view and a tribute to the red and white who have shown this season that they can beat anyone, but they have to grow in terms of experience and management. From the subtle moments and stress involved in the final act. “In the sweltering heat of course, a lot of disappointment, bitterness, and some accusations (pole at the end, match goal-1) – Diavoli Vcienza ASD reported in a post-match note – but with a clear mind we must say thank you for the work done, thanks All those who, in front and behind the scenes, made this fantastic season possible, thanks to the players for their commitment, passion and desire to develop and win.”
“The desire to start from these bases – a continuation of observation from Vicenza Gym – to grow together and return the Demons to success”
In fact, Vicenni finished the regular season in first place, they played all three finals for titles, came close to winning on more than one occasion, but they remained nervous, recognizing they had a good group to start over with more conviction and strength.

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Race-3 was approached with the right approach, determined to take the last chance to stay in the race and also not take too many risks.

First half: VICENZA-MILAN, 1-0
In the first half, the great Michel Frigo supported his team, even when Sigmund is sent to the bench, and on the other hand, the great May himself closes every gap to the red and white incursions. Vicenza’s advantage comes just two minutes after the break with Sigmund who managed to put a ball into the net that was blocked several times by the opposing defenders and goalkeeper. To keep the momentary advantage armored, there is the red and white player who finally says no to a potential draw.

Second half: VICENZA-MILAN, 1-3
We return for the second half with Frigo Gide at the conclusion of Viala and Cantelli who, in front of Mai, do not find the winning gap. Then the stage was confused with some red and white errors with difficulty under the pressure of the opponents. He never responded with a great opportunity for red and white and five minutes later comes the equalizer for Vendrame who collects a puck that is blocked by Michel Frigo. Not a single minute passes and the devils’ mistake allows Ferrari to reverse the score. Red and White feel the hit, reply, and go to attack by removing the goalkeeper in the last minutes to try it all, but once again the Ferrari duo – Belcastro score 3-1. Milan fans rejoice, they already smell victory, the demons do not give up and fall short with their symbolic man, Nathan Sigmund, and then try them all, but the position, the increasingly enthusiastic Milan defense and Mi leads the team to victory in the third match and the Scudetto that returns to Milan.

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SCOREBOARD – MAC Control Diavoli Vicenza – Milan Quanta, 2-3 (1-0)
MC CONTROL DIAVOLI VICENZA: Frigo M., Olando, Cantele, Francon, Delfino, Tabanelli, Sigmund, Centofante, Ustignani, Trevisan, Dell’Uomo, Pace, Baldan, Frigo N., Dal Sasso. Shepherd Maran F.
Milan Quanta: Mai, Pignati, Ferrari, Hodge, Gambin, Ederel, Windrami, Spimbolo, Viala, Seca, Belcastro, Banchero, Loncar, Ronco. everyone.
Referees: Slaviero and Rigoni D.
PT Networks: 17.50 Sigmund (V); ST: 34.54 Vendrame (M), 35.23 Ferrari (M), 38.04 Ferrari (M), 38.31 Sigmund (V).

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