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The crossover that drives the world crazy

The crossover that drives the world crazy

The new Fiat Fastback will debut in Brazil in 2022, an economy SUV ready to impress with its features.

Fiat Fastback – Nanopress.it

Again, therefore, the South america In particular, Brazil is proving to be the home of Fiat’s SUV crossovers. With Fastback, the car manufacturer made many innovations.

The Fiat Fastback will debut in the South American market later this year

The latter, for example, will be the first car of its kind to be equipped with a coupe body. As for the name, the Fiat Fastback, this isn’t an absolute fad considering that a similar concept was already introduced in 2018.

Fiat Fastback
Fiat Fastback- Nanopress.it

From the latter, years later, this new model will be born. Similarities can be seen with the naked eye. If we compare the photos of the Fastback prototype with the trailer advertising the car, then we will see a very similar body.

The birthplace of this new product made in Fiat is South American Design Centerto me. Here the car was taken care of under a pseudonym Project 376.

Fiat Fastback
Fiat Fastback- Nanopress.it

To produce it, however, engineers have relied on MLA . platformsame user to throbas well as evolution MP1 with Argon and the Kronos.

So the chassis has been modified to improve the vehicle’s comfort, durability and safety. Speaking of the latter, among the most interesting additions we will have driving assistance systems such asLane departure warning.

The car will exceed the dimensions of Kronos

But not only that, we’ll get it too Anti-collision warning Which will be especially attractive to drivers in South America because this device is not popular there. Let’s move on to see the dimensions of this new gem.

Thus, the Fastback will also outperform the Cronos with its estimated length of 4m, 3m and a length of less than 1.8m. On the other hand, the interiors must respect the technological standards of the latest Fiat models.

Fiat Fastback
Fiat Fastback Interior – Nanopress.it

Among these, we will have a 7-inch digital instrument panel and its corresponding screen Android Auto And the Apple Car Play Wireless. Unlike other Fiat cars produced for South America, the Fastback will not have naturally aspirated engines.

Specifically, the vehicle must install 1.0 Turbo 130 HP and the 1.3 turbo with 175 hp With a 7-speed CVT or maybe a 6-speed automatic.


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