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The community celebrated the funeral of the game –

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there social communication finally celebrated Funeral From Red Dead OnlineAs promised in recent days. Widely announced and planned, it was a particularly sad moment that perfected the life of Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode (servers remain, but there seem to be very few active players).

July 13, 2022 was not chosen by chance as the day of the funeral: it’s the anniversary of the last major update released for the game, one that seems to shut down support for Rockstar Games with new content.

So players from all over the world visited the tombs scattered throughout the game to take pictures to celebrate the event, others toasted the death of Red Dead Online and others gathered to mourn the death. You can see some photos of the funeral, click here.

In recent days, Rockstar Games has made the event even more current, announcing that Red Dead Online’s resources have been ported to GTA 6. After all, the Western game has been on the way to sunset for several months, and it couldn’t before. Touch GTA Online by popularity, so it is natural for developers and publishers to aim for a more profitable title like the new GTA.

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