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The center-right wins out, followed by the Kings. The third, Sanna Marin, who admits defeat –

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Helsinki – when we are at 97.7% of the number, Center-right of the National Coalition, led by Peteri Urbo AndFirst in terms of percentage (20.7%) and seats (48). Orpo claimed electoral victory, stating that he had received “the greatest mandate” from the Finns. Far-right populist Rica Pura was second (20.1%, 46 seats). Third (19.9%, 43 seats) are the Social Democrats, headed by Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who admitted defeat: «Congratulations to the winner of the electionCongratulations to the National Coalition, congratulations to the Finns Party, democracy has spoken,” the 37-year-old leader told her supporters.

This is the result of the elections in Finland, where today there was a vote to renew Parliament. With the top three parties confirming about 20% of the preferences, a scenario is envisioned in which it takes place No political force will be able to form a government by itself.

After announcing the first results, which already put him in first place, Urbu showed he was being careful: “It’s too early to say that I feel like the prime minister on the podium, but I’m very happy,” he said. . “It is a real confrontation and the game is completely open.”Instead, Marin, who is considered vulnerable by opinion polls, has confirmed Prime Minister Marín that she is in third place behind Orpo and Rika Piora.

“The turnout will tell us how to proceed,” Bora said. “We will do well if we cross a certain threshold.” The “designated threshold,” political scientists calculate, is 74% turnout: his nationalist party is, in fact, the one most contesting for votes with abstentions, given that his typical voter is a Finn who doesn’t go to vote most often. Instead, Lee Anderson of the Left Alliance was damaged by Sana Marin’s exploitation, which is far behind the competitors and which, obviously, received “helpful votes” from the left. “I have already said that I will resign as chairman of the party, and I will confirm it,” Anderson says.

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