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The Canada team event that made fun of Italy in the quarterfinals. Tonight Franசோois, Della White, Matteo, Sola …

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The hosts won at Panorama, defeating Egerin Austria in the final. Too bad for Asurini, but today the men’s giant and women have a double best chance with slalom: Italy offers at least four medal cards …

At the Junior World Championships, the day of the team event, at the Home Review in Panorama, Canada won the match alongside the team.

Pulled by Cassidy Gray, the North American team defeated Justin Lamandekne, Etienne Massellier and Rafael Lessard in the final, beating Magdalena Acre in Austria to win their fourth medal (2 gold and 2 silver) in multiple races, Switzerland. Challenge to Bronze for the United States.

Italy was expected to be the protagonist with a quality quartet formed by Beatrice Zola, Annette Belfrand, Filippo della White and Gian Lorenzo de Palo. The second round with Slovakia was the fourth most difficult obstacle against the hosts. It was a battle, the final 2-2 and the victory of the two blue men, not enough for just 8 cents in total.

A pity, but the final day of this World Championship for Italy, today includes the male giant and female slalom, which is the most interesting of all, although four medals have already arrived.

It will start tonight from 17.00 to the 1st heat (scheduled for the 2nd 20.15), with the challenge between the girls’ short poles: the main favorites are Rosa Pozolinen and Emma Eicher, they will start with the numbers 2 and 3. Zrinka Ljutic, a very young Croatian trying to enter the fray like Swedes’ Bostroem Mussener and Ceder. The reigning champion, despite returning from an exceptional season, will start tenth in gold with our Sophie Mathieu, French Marie Lamure (n ° 12), gold combined and the most dangerous, 14 and Beatrice Sola, Pip. What was done in the winter ending with 15 and many more ambitions. For the blue team, Annette Belfrond (n ° 18) and Alice Calaba (38) are also competing.

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Following the male legend (two heats at 6.15pm and 9.30pm), Norwegian Alexander Stein Olsen, still the most competitive in the slalom but fearful of the giant, will start the race in front of Filippo della Witte, who is aiming for the maximum result. . American Isaiah Nelson with No. 3 won gold in the Super-G, then 4 medals with Giovanni Franசோois, compared to Lucas Firestein (n ° 5) of Austria 12 months ago in Ponsco. Gold in Bulgaria in the presence of the current European Cup leader.

The Frenchman Thomas Lorton (Feb. 6) is another high-profile giant, but Joshua Sturm should be the focus, having been number 10 before Simon Talachi, who was initially third in the six blues. In fact, with 15 we will see Gianlorenzo di Paulo, 50 with Tomaso Socardi and 55 with Marco Abruzzis, along with magnificent silver.

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