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The British supercar you’ve never seen – the brand is wildly popular

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There’s an awesome supercar you’ve never seen, yet it’s built by a well-known British brand and is now for sale.

There is a sector of the automotive market that welcomes and brings together many enthusiasts. From a niche phenomenon that has become increasingly common, thanks to a trend in recent years that has re-evaluated vintage and period cars in an entirely different light. Fashion not only stops at cars, but also intersects with other things.

Stunning Supercar Interior For Sale – Web Photos

A trend that is constantly growing and today, in connection with the world of four ways, excellent deals and incredible purchases can be made. However, provided that you get a decent economic opportunity to get real jewelry from the past. More unique than rare cars. They are often made in a limited number of samples. And therefore very difficult to find.

An incredible supercar is back on sale. Only 23 were produced

This is the story of the MG SV-R XPower, the supercar of the well-known English brand. Let’s point it out right away, it’s one of only 23 SV-Rs. And this will be enough to explain what we are talking about. One of the last models of this car to leave the MG factory. A brand that has recently returned to the European market with its SUV. Something completely different about the history of this brand and its famous spiders.

But the MG SV-R XPower has a completely different story. Unveiled in 2002, it was to be the flagship of the post-BMW house. Its history began when MG / Rover acquired the Italian company Qvale Automotive, the manufacturer of the Qvale Mangusta. Which is already approved for the US market.

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MG SV-R XPower
MG supercar, SV-R XPower – Image by ddclassics.com

The best starting point for this supercar, at least in intent. The MG X80 concept car arrived in 2011, and then the design of this car was revised to reach the result that landed on the market in those years. Carbon fiber bodywork, like the Mangusta. Made in England and assembled in Italy. Then we head back to the UK, for the structure and the final touch-ups.

MG supercar: everything you need to know

The car, for sale, is available in silver with red and black interior. Bought by its previous owner in 2011. In excellent condition, 4023.36 km traveled. Engine separation: Ford V8 with 320 hp. From 0 to 100 in 5.3 seconds, the maximum speed is 265 km / h. There is also a more powerful version with 385 horsepower.

In 2003 the first model costing almost €75,000 was produced, but unfortunately the SV arrived too late to help save MG, and by the time the factory closed its gates in 2005. However, at least one model of this supercar is back on sale at a London dealership (DD Classics).

MG SV-R XPower
MG’s supercar SV-R XPower is back for sale – photo by ddclassics.com

Left-hand drive (the car was produced and sold for the English market), manual gearbox, 5.0 cc, petrol. A true gem for those who can afford to spend just over €100,000.

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