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The best movies to watch with your kids!

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Make the ball roll for a fun and carefree evening with your kids. There’s nothing better than snuggling up on the couch, watching a good Halloween-themed movie, and eating sweets of course!

The night more cheerful NS scary The year is approaching, so now we have to think about organizing it in the best possible way.

Young and old will love the Halloween-themed masterpieces! (Photo by Roy Puri via Pixabay)

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Let your children be old NS little kids, I’m sure of those masterpieces subordinate Cinema They will love them very much. Even the greats will be able to appreciate the depth of the messages they convey through scenes and, in some cases, animation or representation of heroes. put yourself relaxing and press “game”!

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The best movies to watch with your kids this Halloween full of fun and relaxation, with the family!

Let’s start right away with our collection of Best Animated and Feature Films To see it with your kids on Halloween. I recommend, you should not miss the popcorn, sweets and snacks!

Halloween movie
You will have a Halloween night full of laughter and fun! (Image via StockSnap via Pixabay)

Let’s start with the animated films, the best things to watch on Halloween are:

  • Frankenweni: From Tim Burton’s undisputed genius, a movie was born that revisits the story of the Frankenstein monster. It is the story of a child and his little dog who suddenly left him after an accident. However, the boy does not give up and brings him back to life. From that moment on, they will have a thousand adventures with a truly unexpected and moving ending.
  • Hotel Transylvania: Count Dracula lives in his castle, far from humans. He uses his abode as a hotel where all the monsters in the world can go to relax and be themselves. However, one day, a boy finds and enters the castle thinking that the monsters are only humans in disguise. Comical and impressive scenes will ensue.
  • Coraline and the Magic Door: A little girl moves with her family to a secluded place. The girl feels lonely and begins to explore her new home by finding a strange door. When he crosses it, he discovers a world similar to his but different in some way. Suspense, courage and friendship come together in this extraordinary film.
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Now, let’s find out the perfect Halloween movies to glue to your screen:

  • hocus pocus: Three witch sisters come back to life on Halloween night, 300 years after their deaths in Salem. The world has completely changed and their spells are completely out of step with progress. Their lives will intertwine with the lives of some particularly intelligent children.
  • Ghostbusters: Four scientists arm themselves with special guns to catch the ghosts that are sowing terror in the city. Special effects, comical scenes and paranormal phenomena guarantee an evening full of laughter and fun.
  • Halloweentown – Witches are born: One of the great Disney classics in the Halloween theme. Little Marnie loves magic and the paranormal. But on Halloween night, her mother forbids her to go out. When Grandma leaves the house, the girl follows her and finds herself cast into the wizarding world.

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