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“The Art of Looking at Art”: the new review of Spazio Alber1ca

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CARRARA – “The Art of Looking at Art” or Knowing the Past to Understand the Contemporary” is a project that arose from the successful experience of “The Art of the Spectator” and around which a group of active and participating members of the Alberica Space was created, which has already embarked on a path between galleries and artists, up to a visit Collective for the Venice Biennale The project was born out of collaboration and harmony with Giovanni Schiabello, teacher of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, who put together an original and fascinating program. Concerning contemporary art and the meaning it assumes today, “making art” in the face of the problems we face. Time dictates. Hence the programming of interventions that we can divide into two groups, not necessarily separated from each other, the first focusing on historical, artistic and critical issues, and the second focusing on issues of history, art and criticism, and the second focusing on On the first-hand experience of artists, young and old, working on an art globalized.

It begins with a meeting with Giovanni Schiabello, the Academy’s drawing teacher, who will lead the way by tracing a path that begins chronologically and ideally from artistic experiments in the early 800’s and reaches the threshold of what is called the “Short Century”. The wand will then pass to Roberto Martini, Professor of Artistic Disciplines at Liceo Artistico Franco Russoli in Pisa, who will attempt through the work of artists of the twentieth century and beyond to explain the assumptions on which the idea of ​​contemporary art is based. Angelo Capasso, Professor of Art History at the Academy, will deal with the topic of landscapes in contemporary art. Anna Maria Duce, Professor of Art History at the Academy, will address the topic of art and its relationship to social issues. Marco Ciampolini, Professor of Art History at the Academy, will present the results of his recent archival research on the honorary members of the Carrara Academy, with special reference to those who lived in the 20th century. Young artist Ilaria Mariotti will speak about the great mother and the creative subconscious, the topic of her graduate thesis, while Ian Bertolucci, the emerging young artist, will speak about gender and Lgbtq+ culture, from its birth to the present day, in relation to graphic and performing arts. The sculptor Giuseppe Bergomi, who recently created the bronze monument to Christina Trivolzio di Bilgiogoso in Piazza Bilgiogoso in Milan, will deal with the topic of current beauty in contemporary art. Artist from Versilia, heir to his father’s prestigious studio in Pietrasanta, Michele Cosci, artist from Versilia, will talk about the relationship that art and crafts inextricably, but sometimes problematicly, have. Simona Ioti, educational scientist, and researcher in art history and visual anthropology, will speak on anthropology and art.

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