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The Argentine Choir You Will Remember This World Cup With | Blinks

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Every FIFA World Cup has a song or chorus that becomes symbolic, at least for the winning national team. For Italy in 2006, this was a staple of the Notes The army of seven countries of the white lines. Four years ago, France celebrated its victory with a song written especially for the World Cup, Ramenez la coupe à la maisonWhere the players names are listed in some way Totally original. in the world Cup just concludedfrom the first game of the Argentine Choir Mochachos It has been by far the most popular among fans and even soccer players in Argentina, and now accompanies a victory that was expected 36 years ago.

Argentines are so used to chanting stadium chants that, in terms of content, complexity and length, are really songs. But this is a real song, released close to the World Cup and immediately adapted as a chorus. She belongs to the Argentine ska band La Mosca Tsé-Tsé, which also became famous in Italy at the beginning of the 2000s with the hit single Para no verte mas.

Muchachos, ahora nos volvimos an ilusionar It is the full title of the song, which in the side taken from the chorus says:

I was born in Argentina
Land of Diego and Lionel
One of the boys from the Malvinas Islands that I will never forget
I can’t explain it to you because you won’t understand
The finals we lost
How many years have I cried
But all this is over
Why in the Maracana
Final with Brazuca [i brasiliani]Dad won again
Guys now we are excited again
I want to win the third place
I want to become a world champion
And Diego from the sky we can see
with Don Diego [il padre] And with Tota [la madre]Lionel rooting

meaning Mochachos He also did justice to another famous Argentine choir who didn’t have much luck in Brazil in 2014, given Argentina’s loss in the final to Germany. It was “Brasil decime que se siente”, a reference to the historical rivals of Brazil, with the famous syllable “Maradona es más grande que Pelé”.

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