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The amazing first trailer for the TV series

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The film adaptation aired live on Paramount+ in 2022.

As promised by Paramount+, the 2021 Game Awards was the perfect stage at which to release the first substantive preview of Hello, is the long-awaited live-action adaptation of the popular video game series of the same name. The science fiction series is streaming in 2022, featuring the former star of American Gods Pablo Schreiber as the iconic – powerful indeed – shield of the Master Chief.

The plot and the halo cast

Made and written Kyle Killen NS Stephen King And take out among others Otto Bathurst (black mirror), Hello It takes place in the same epic world that debuted in 2001 with the first Xbox video game. We are in the 26th century and Master Chief is the only hope for salvation for a civilization pushed to the brink of destruction by the Covenant, an unstoppable alliance of the various alien races committed to the annihilation of humanity. The ten episodes produced will combine the personal stories of this and other characters with action, adventure, and an imaginatively rich vision of the future.

Includes the rest of the actors Natasha McCalone (Californication) as Dr. Catherine Halsey, the illustrious and mysterious creator of the Spartan superhero, and Jane Taylor From Cortana, the most advanced artificial intelligence in human history (and perhaps the key to racing survival), which I’ve already called video games. added Bokem Woodbine (Fargo), Shabana AzmiAnd Natasha Kolzak (the magician), olive gray (East Enders), Your placeAnd Bentley Kal (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Kate Kennedy (catastrophe), Charlie Murphy (meager masks) NS Danny Sabani (apocalyptic penny).

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