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The Academy ruled that the controversial promotional campaign for Andrea Riseborough’s Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards did not violate the rules.

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the association that awards the Academy Awards, has decided that Controversial promotional campaign About Andrea Riseborough’s Best Leading Actress nomination didn’t break any rules. In recent days, doubts have been raised by the media and insiders as to how Riseborough, who is English and unknown to the general public, came up with the five nominees for the low-budget film. to Leslie: The ways in which other famous actors celebrated his interpretation seemed the result of an agreed-upon process, and the lobbying campaign to promote his candidacy—which is normal and acceptable, within certain limits—was assumed to have been erratic because of the strict rules imposed by the Academy.

To make sure that no roadshow involving Oscar-nominated films broke the rules, the Academy opened an investigation, without explicitly mentioning the case. to Leslie. in communication The regulation, which was released on Tuesday, declared that the relevant promotional campaign activities do not lead to the disqualification of the candidacy. However, he said he found the social media communication and promotion strategies “disturbing”. The press release specifies that these strategies have been discussed with those directly involved.

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