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“A barrage of shots, it looked like a movie,” what happened

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Francesco Pannofino is one of the most famous voice actors in Italy and also one of the most appreciated by the public. He lent his voice, among others, to Denzel Washington, George Clooney, Kurt Russell, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Wesley Snipes. He also worked as an actor with these characters and gained notoriety thanks to his portrayal of the character Rene Ferretti in the TV series Boris and in the movie of the same name.

But during his life, Banovino – in spite of himself – experienced a dramatic spectacle. The actor and voice actor told this scene to Dedicato, a show hosted by Serena Autieri some time ago. Panofino was a guest on the last episode of Dedicato, a program hosted by Serena Autieri on Rai 1. During the interview, the actor and voice actor narrated the actor himself and spoke about a dramatic story that also affected the presenter.

On March 16, 1978 While waiting for a bus outside his home to take an algebra exam, he was a student of mathematics at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, and was an eyewitness to the ambush on Via Fani in which Aldo Moro was kidnapped, and where unfortunately five men who were part of his escort lost their lives. “It was 1978, I was twenty and I lived in Fanny” – Pannovino says – My motorcycle crashed that morning, so I was walking to the bus stop. I stopped at the newsstand to buy a newspaper when the barrage of shots began. I took refuge in the shelter, it looked like a movie, only then did I understand what happened ”.

Aldo Moro was kidnapped on March 16, 1978 in Rome by the Red Brigades. His body was found lifeless the following May 9 in Kaitani Road, the center of the capital, at the end of 55 days of imprisonment. These 55 days were marked by often unsuccessful investigations, long political discussions about whether to negotiate the release of the hostage, and the publication of letters from RB and letters from Aldo Moro himself. Shortly after 9:00 in the morning, at Via Mario Vagni in Rome, commandos of the Red Brigades killed five of his bodyguards, Rafael Ezzino, Oreste Leonardi, Domenico Ricci, Giulio Rivera and Francesco Zizzi, and kidnapped the head of the capital, Aldo. Moreau.

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When news of the kidnapping came, roadblocks were opened. The kidnappers’ car will be found after a few minutes not far from the place of the kidnapping itself. Upon hearing the news, workers, students and citizens across Italy went on strike and revived demonstrations in response to calls from parties and unions to mobilize against terrorism. All newspapers are published in a special issue declaring and condemning the kidnapping of the capital’s president and the murder of his escort. The special edition of Republic The article, which was published in the morning with the accusations against Aldo Moro of being Antelope Cobbler, was not published. Minister of the Interior Francesco Cossiga at 10:45 am chairs the first meeting of the technical-political-executive committee of the Ministry of the Interior and a crisis management committee is created consisting of a small group of experts and at noon the information sheets of 16 suspects wanted by terrorists are created.

In light of this experience, the actor and voice actor also wrote the song kidnapping the stateWhich later became the subject of the film’s closing credits Phyllis Farina’s home, who sees Banovino himself as the protagonist.

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