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The 40,000 Euro Coin: Here’s the 40,000 Euro Coin. “crazy”

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There is a coin worth up to 40.000 Euro! It sounds crazy, but coin collecting also contains these little rarities. Coins that, due to their unobtainability and value, are likely to be worthy of becoming part of the museum’s collection.

Perhaps it’s more of a dream than a tangible possibility, that of owning one of these coins. The fact remains that researching family memories or specialized auctions can mean finding yourself with a fortune in your hand. Let’s find out what this coin is, which in fact is equal to the value of the house.

This coin is worth 40.000 Euro

The coin we are talking about is 5 lira from the Kingdom of Italy minted in 1901, it has a diameter of 37 mm and a weight of 25 grams. Made in 0.900 silver, it was produced by the Italian mint in Rome in only 114 specimens. The number of coin circulation really helps to understand its high value.

As written and specialized websites attest, the 5 lira 1901 was an unissued coin, a technical test to verify the effect of the impression of the new king’s face and House of Savoy symbols on a coin of a width that would have been the one that was later used for the shield.

A coin with an even more ridiculous fate because the two specimens originally in Italian museums later disappeared under mysterious circumstances and with problematic searches by officials. The coin has experienced a certain date: only 114 examples have been preserved – according to records of that time – of recasting that occurred due to political and diplomatic problems associated with the issuance of that coin.

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5 lira 1901: description and value

On the reverse of the first coin, there is an inclined profile to the left of King Vittorio Emanuele III, enclosing his name, and engraving the name of the author of the coin, Esperanza, under his neck. The reverse is instead marked with the House of Savoy, Savoy Eagle, and House of Savoy knot symbols. Then the words for the Kingdom of Italy appear, the face value of the coin, the year of its minting, 1901 and finally the symbol for the mintage of Rome (R).

The €40,000 value is attributed to the coin in SPL (fantastic) condition. In fact, the value of the FdC copy, which cannot be found, is estimated at 60-90 thousand euros. The coin is so rare that even an original with unreadable fragments – which is generally worth a little money – can fetch its owner 14,000 euros.

But beware of reboots! The coin has been an object of collectors’ desires since its minting, and it is believed that in the past several figures from the Italian political world specifically requested a custom minting, another legend associated with the 5 Lire of 1901.

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