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The 2022 premiere is in the works, in a few hours we will see it very big; All event details »

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Superluna: The 2022 premiere is underway, in a few hours we’ll see it very big; All event details

June 14; Super Moon!Great event will be back in a few hours Also visible in Italy; giant moon.
Record this date: Today is Tuesday 14th June.
This year will be the first of 2022. To see other giant pyramids, we will have to wait for July and August.

A giant moon occurs when our satellite is in full moon phase (full moon) At the same time, at the closest point to Earth (Pigee point). On this occasion, we may note that the moon will be slightly larger than usual (8-10% more) and therefore its brightness will be greater (13-5% more). Compared to the time you see it on this day, it will look like”giantThe moon will be full on June 14 at 1:52 p.m., to be exact, and will instead be at perigee the next day, June 15, at 1:23 a.m. in Italy, where it will be 357,658 kilometers from us. The difference between the two events will certainly not affect the phenomenon of the giant moon. In a few hours you will be able to see it very large, very bright and above all “full”!

and now a little curiosity; Let’s go and find outEtymology “Super Moon” H Because in this month it will have a certain name which is “strawberry”.

term Supermoon Coined by an astrologer in 1979 (Richard Noll) and for this very reason it is not well appreciated by the scientific community. Astronomers prefer to refer to the phenomenon in a pair of less understandable terms “syzygy”. The first term refers to the period when the Moon is closest to the Earth, and the term “sygyzy” is used instead to refer to the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

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and why”of strawberry“Of course we won’t see a strawberry moon, let alone a red moon. This name has been set before Algonquians, a Native American tribe, where strawberries are harvested at this time of year. However, on the Old Continent, this moon is also known as the “pink moon” because it is the weeks in which these flowers bloom, giving them an unusual aroma.

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