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The 20,000-euro Chinese luxury SUV is ready to conquer the West | Big brands tremble

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Chinese competition in the global auto market is frightening and there is a scheme that makes all other major manufacturers shudder: warn the public

After all, it was only natural for this to happen as well. Because ofChinese industry It has an economic power that many Western countries envy, and because even if it is true that they imitate it, they do so in a clever way. It proves that Jetour statusL brand.The ultimate cost launched in 2018 by Chery which he focuses on SUV At a good price.

Jetour Traveler, the Chinese Challenge (Press Media) –

It was launched in 2018 since then Chinese General Giant (which has already been operating in the domestic market since 1997) Jetour immediately focused on crossovers and SUVs. And it continues to do so now that it has modernized production with the introduction of all-electric models, along with plug-in hybrids and hydrogen.

It was the first model launched on the market Jetour X70 Crossover SUV It was followed by the Jetour X electric concept car and progress has been continuing ever since. To an extent that the company has already developed A plan capable of shaking the markets all over the world. Because China was just the beginning of a journey that will also lead to expansion in Europe over the next four years.

Chinese SUV for 20 thousand euros, the challenge is launched for the world market

The Gator project is very straightforward. Sell ​​at least 600 thousand units in the overseas market In 2027, General Manager Li Xueyong recently explained. That is why production activity will continue to focus on high-quality, but low-cost models. With a base starting at less than $22,000 (just over 20,000 euros).

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Objectively speaking, so far no global manufacturer can drop to this price for models that are part of such a strategic segment as crossovers and SUVs and Chery knows that very well. Count the Quality to be sure. But in this sense, the Chinese manufacturer has made giant strides in recent years, even with important engagements.

Like one of Hakan Saraoglua former Porsche designer who has worked in the past on cars such as Porsche Cayman and 918 Spyder. So he is a man who enjoys the pulse of the European market in particular and the global market in general and knows how to work on high quality products.

Jetour has arrived in Italy along with other Chery brands
Gator’s arrival in Italy (YouTube) –

So Jetour has its expansion plan ready. The company expects to sell at least 400,000 units this year, at least a quarter of which are outside China. The idea is to reach a balance of opinions with 50% is represented by the foreign market In fact, the company is already present with its brand in South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Chery is ready to arrive in Italy with some of its brands: first Omoda, then Jaecoo

Jetour is developing dozens of models that will hit the market by 2025, at least half of which will be urban SUVs. like the passenger which many remember closely Land Rover Defenderbut also a Ford Bronco.

At least for the moment it is only intended for the Chinese domestic market and is already being sold there at a price of around 20 thousand euros. two copies 5 seats and 7 seats With a longer wheelbase, as well as two petrol engines. The first is a 1.6 turbo inline with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox while the second is 2.0 turbo With an 8-speed automatic transmission. A plug-in hybrid version could also arrive, with a 1.5 turbo in addition to an electric motor mated to the transmission.

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But that’s not all, because an important announcement has arrived at the Shanghai Motor Show. Cheri has confirmed that they will be divorcing later this year Omoda’s new premium brand in Italy Then in the rest of Europe. The first model chosen for our country is called the Omoda 5, it is a 4.5 meter long SVU that will also be available in an electric version.

Low-cost Chinese SUVs are ready for the rest of the world
Low-cost Chinese SUVs are ready (Youtube) –

Chery, already known in Italy for supplying DR. In the year 20254 instead it will arrive with a brand new one JaicoAll SUVs and off-road vehicles. It is no coincidence that the presentation of Jaecoo 7 has just taken place at the Shanghai Motor Show and its arrival on the Italian market is expected in 2024.

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