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Tesla, he left it in the garage for a month and found it like this: to feel bad

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It is always best to take good care of your things, and when it comes to preserving them, you should leave them well guarded. Now, cars are no exception to this. In this matter, the hero car is Tesla, the protagonist with its owner, of course, who received an unwelcome surprise.

Nice cool car model Tesla SThe owner in question needs to leave it guarded for a month. Unfortunately, upon his return, the car retained some surprises I do not like at all. Even car enthusiasts who will be familiar with newsletter They won’t stay there well. There is a bad sense of how to find it.

A Tesla S is on the road.

The episode took place in turkeywhere is the herHe needed to be absent for a month, he left his car under guard at A Parking Garage. By the time he got back for it, something was wrong. To tell the truth, if the car, from the outside, shows no signs of anxiety, inside the bitter surprise. In fact, it seems that it is not so Nothing saved from the inside. But what exactly happened?

No, there are no interior car raids by vandals, if that’s what you’re thinking. In this case, instead of “enjoying” this way, the Tesla S would have definitely been stolen. Instead garage The person concerned has performed his duty, as assigned by the owner of the vehicle, guarding it. but the interiorwithin a month (so, not much), they gave up mustywith the formation of a layer of himself eroding everything.

We see This is a beautiful car Damaged in this way, and for an unthinkable reason, is not uncommon. but the yellow mold It covered everything and eroded it. What could I happen?

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mold case

Interior view of the Tesla S in question, after being taken away by the owner.

It is assumed that, inside the Tesla S, some were already stored things in wet condition. Maybe some wet clothes, or even a swimsuit, given the season. In any case, it appears that these things, perhaps items of clothing, no yes they are dried before reaching the car park. Thus, the moisture in question will gradually turn into mold. Moreover, it appears thatThe “basement” effect From the parking lot where it was stored, it contributed to the generation of the same.

What can he do?

Despite everything, something can be done. there Quick Remediesthose proposed with cans of various formulas, that would be It is good to avoid it, as in such cases will not work. In fact, it’s good for lighter layers of mold, not the same as that created. Alternatively, one can turn to ozone treatment-capable of killing all types of mold. It is understood that, in order togoing, there would be nothing that could be done, in this case. The final solution? We can recognize him in the treatment he does professionals subordinate detailwhich allows you to remove all kinds of dirt deposited in cars that have not been washed for a long time (and this is also good in this case, given the process generated by mold).

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