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Tesla fire in Canada, not all that – Electric

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In the last few days we have told you about a case Fire It hit the Tesla Model Y car in Canada: the American electric SUV caught fire after some smoke waves, and the driver fortunately escaped despite being trapped inside the car for the first few seconds. A case NHTSA We want to see clearly: the government agency that handles road safety in the US actually contacted Tesla and asked for more information about what happened.

As Carscoops recalls, Tesla’s doors open under normal circumstances Electronic button Near the top of the handle, but when the electrical system stops working, the aforementioned button does not work. For this reason, the US manufacturer has decided to install one Additional manual release system For use in an accident or other emergency situation, such as experience with a Canadian driver. However, this system is not always easy to find or operate: some even consider it a design flaw. The Vancouver case is iconic: at the first signs of a fire hazard, the driver of the Model Y was able to get out of the car unharmed, but admitted that he did not fight the car at all before the fire spread.

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