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Tesla, a Gigafactory in Canada?

Tesla, a Gigafactory in Canada?

California, Texas, China and Germany: a geographic map of Tesla factories around the planet Another country will soon be added: Canada.

The electric car manufacturer will, in fact, be looking for “high-level recruiters” to operate in the Quebec region. In his engagement published in Special Publications, Tesla writes: “A great recruiter excels at identifying, attracting and evaluating talent, and developing deep partnerships with the organization and resources. Tesla is looking for an extraordinary recruiter All these characteristics combined with strong business acumen, passion for their profession and a genuine commitment to providing candidates with an unforgettable experience stand out.

In the past, the manufacturer has used similar language regarding recruitment for key positions Gigafactory in Berlin and one in Texas. Tesla typically employs 5,000 to 10,000 workers at each of its factories and requires a significant recruiting effort.

Warning signs

The possible opening of a new plant in Canada has been talked about for some time, especially since it “Bandit” recording of top management meeting released It was attended by CEO Elon Musk and the hypothesis of locating one of the next factories beyond the northern border of the United States was aired. The same South African-born manager returned to the topic during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting last month. Other confirmations have arrived Disclosure of “lobbying” document The manufacturer is pitted against the government of another province in neighboring Ontario, which is competing to build a new gigafactory.

Additionally, representatives of the Austin-based company recently visited industrial installations Dedicated to extracting nickel – One of the key components in building battery-powered cars – Vale, also in Canada. The same goes for a graphite factory in Quebec’s Battery Valley.

If Tesla Increase production to 20 million electric vehicles By the end of the decade, eight more factories are expected to be needed in addition to the factories currently operating.


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