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Terror alert on Emirates flight. France closes space and returns plane to

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From Leonard Burberry

The success of the flight between Athens and New York: As soon as it flew over Italy, the Greek authorities sounded the alarm on the plane. Paris said no quickly. Here’s what happened

a Emirates Boeing 777 with 246 passengers on board (228 passengers and 18 crew members) I took off from Athens and headed to New York and had to return to Greecewhile it was over Sardinia, after a Terror warning issued by Greek authorities. At the moment it is not clear what led to the warning – local media are talking about a suspicious passenger reported by the CIA – but Communication certainly led to security protocols in half of Europe.


Italian sources explain courier The plane was in Italian airspace Brindisi Region Control Center – Who borders the Greek – He received a terror alert from his colleagues in Athens. At that point, Italian controllers sent the emergency call to the French – because flight EK209 was heading towards Corsica – when From the responsible area control center, Marseille, the ban has arrived to continue towards them. So far, the aircraft has followed the route authorized by Eurocontrol, according to the sources.


The Plane – As seen from Flightradar24’s tracks – He made some tours between Olbia and Alghero in northern Sardinia, because he waited for the green light from the French to enter the Trans-Alpine airspace, but he never got it. In fact: they said exactly from Marseille that the plane was not authorized. at that point The plane continued south, to the Mediterranean, where the Italians handed over the flight to the Maltese authorities It then entered Greek airspace, landing at Athens airport at 21.07 (Italian time, 22.07 local time). The Returning practically over the sea, to avoid populated centers and descend towards the Greek capital, the plane was surrounded by two F-16 fighters. of the country’s air force.

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Italian sources explain the rule courier who – which No alarm will be raised from the cockpit. Not only. The pilots did not even resort to entering the alarm codes into the communication system, in this case the code 7500 (No illegal acts on board). As soon as it received the refusal from the French, the Emirates Boeing Company preferred to return to Athens Even without asking the Italian authorities to land at an airport on the peninsulaThe sources are still ongoing.

the suspects

The Greek media reported that the CIA had reported the presence of a possible suspicious passenger on an Emirates flight to Dubai or New York to the intelligence services in Athens.. At that point, the flight to the US had already taken off, while the flight to Dubai had yet to be screened for all of its passengers and the flight departed a few hours late. On the return flight, checks were then carried out in an area away from the main arrival hall. Anyone could have been arrested for further identification. The UAE airport authorities in Athens have been contacted at the time this article was published.

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